The Winter Olympics have come to an end in South Korea, where traditionally Britain are not normally expected to do as well as their summer counterparts, probably due to a combination of weather but probably more importantly funding to athletes.

Now I’m not going to go into the nuances of how funding is distributed amongst athletes and why decision makers make the choices they do, but one thing that is certain is that once they have allocated the money it’s pretty much set.

This brings me to Mica McNeill and Mica Moore – who achieved Britain’s best ever result in the women’s bobsleigh at the Olympic Sliding Centre, more than punching above their weight to finish eighth less than six months after their funding was controversially pulled.

McNeill, the pilot, and Moore, the brakewoman, had to go cap in hand to the public when their funding was cut off in September. However, they needed only six days to reach their target of £30,000 to cover the team’s running costs, a sum that ultimately swelled beyond £40,000 and paid off handsomely when they outstripped Britain’s previous best ninth-place finish by Nicola Minichiello and Jackie Davies at the Turin Games in 2006.

Now compare to this men’s team who finished 17th and 18th, who did not have their funding cut (£5 million worth of backing over the past Olympic cycle), which now leaves the men in danger of having their funding cut.

The point I am trying to make is that the Micas did not allow that setback of the funding cut to stop them pursuing their dreams, as anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

Spiela is here to support all those like Mica McNeil and Mica Moore – don’t get me wrong we won’t be able to casually whip out £10,000 but can put you in touch with influencers, mentors and peers to help you along the way of whatever journey you decide to take.

And let’s hope it’s as exciting as driving a bobsleigh ey? 😉