In a Pret in London Bridge on a cold winters night (there are other coffee shop chains around London just to put it out there 😉) the Spiela team are meeting with each other to go through the website, app launch etc all the bits which has a content creator I find a tad boring, not going to lie…but it has to be done.

We finish all the technical stuff and start talking in general and then we somehow get to the topic of animals and David Attenborough, and how amazing it would to have our lives narrated by the great man and what animal we see ourselves as.

Ivan said he would be a Cheetah, Phil said he would be some sort of bird and I said I would be Baloo the Bear from The Jungle Book. We then sourced a ‘What animal are you’ algorithm from the net and let loose, the results were interesting to say the least – not just because of what we found out, but because of what it said about us and how the descriptions were eerily similar to our own personalities and to how we approach work too.

The three of us come from different backgrounds and stories…which is what Spiela is all about – a social collaborative network aimed at bringing people together from all walks of life with the one common goal of working together to better ourselves and the people around us. I mean where would you get an Elephant, a Fox and a Dove working together like this other than a far-fetched Disney animation feature (Copyrighted by the way, so if I hear of any such film being made I’m going to be on the first flight to Hollywood for my royalty cheque) 😊

Actually I just remembered ‘Ice Age’…Never mind Hollywood you’re safe for now.

In any team you need different personalities, different ideas and different perspectives to be successful – which is what the Spiela team is all about – passionate about bringing it all together for you. The Elephant, the Fox and the Dove.

Ivan – Elephant: A kind person who needs their social life and family to be happy…but now add into the mix the Spiela family (that’s you by the way, the person reading this article). Wise and philosophical with a memory that recalls everything, even the details that others may have allowed themselves to forget (Ivan is always there with the passwords when the others have forgotten them). In mind and body he is full of energy and spirit, but with a touch of calmness that is needed. And to top it all off, he’s got a good head on his broad shoulders filled with sharp intelligence and gentle compassion…In short the guy who keeps everyone in check.

Ruben – Fox: Mischievous, playful and loves staying up late…or all night! It’s hard to trick you into believing anything, because you can see through people’s lies better than glass, which makes you a clever person (and the hardest person to throw a surprise party for). You know where you want to go, but sometimes you take the wrong road and get a little lost, but not worries, with a personality like yours, you can get yourself out of any sticky sort of situation…In short the cheeky dreamer who needs to be kept in check from time to time.

Phil – Dove: A personality full of love and peace, and all those giggly good things that people want. Exactly the kind of person most people want to be. The dove has a smile that makes hearts flutter. No one looks twice and sees any flaws but only remarks on your delicate nature. And on top of all of this is pretty witty and knows when to stop and reflect on what they’ve done…In short the guy who brings that calm and precision to the table